Artist/ Band: Forever Twelve
Title: Remembrance Branch
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

Forever Twelve is a five-piece progressive rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their symphonic progressive sound includes gorgeous female lead vocals, vintage keyboards, both electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, and complex drums and percussion.

The songs on "Remembrance Branch" range from intense rocking to gentle interludes, feature lots of time signature changes, and have several extended instrumental sections.

This CD is the band's first, and was self-produced. These original songs show influences by Genesis, Yes, Camel, and Rush, among others.

Although there is no "new" ground broken here, their sound and energy truly pays homage to the prog giants that came before them.

"Remembrance Branch" IS highly recommended and on my best of 2002 releases so far, you really can't go wrong here folks... click on the CD cover above and support this great band by getting a copy of this magnificent debut!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs On August 17th, 2002


1. Is For You [5:33]
2. Innocence [7:03]
3. Edge of Reality [5:24]
4. Here Again [9:05]
5. Victor's Eye [13:31]
6. Burning Ink [7:35]
7. Slogan's of Compliance [7:05]
8. The Quest [7:03]

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