Artist/ Band: First Aid
Title: Coelacanth Ale
Year of Release: 2000
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This compilation chronicles the Canadian (B.C.) band First Aid's 15 year recording history, where founding member & keyboardist Scott Jacks, takes a look back in time through all of the band's various line-ups from 1984 archival sessions both live and home studio until the final album in 1999, which at that point the band was reduced to a duo of Scott Jacks and Sasha Fassaert.

The band's music style shows no boundaries, evident in the light fusion-esque flights to several sub-genres of progressive rock including neo and classic styles. There was also evidence of some pop elements on the vocal tracks, which was typical in the 80s. I didn't care for the earlier works mainly because of the production value, maybe some day there will be a re-recording of the songs in the near future with modern technology. First Aid is one of those unsung bands of Canadian rock music history and they do deserve to be noticed!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on October 8th, 2001


01.Fraternizing With the Enemy [1:07]
02. Dedrock [3:26]
03. Stop Trying to Be Important [5:19]
04. The Clean Forest [:35/ 6:45]
05. City Lights [3:58]
06. Rut of Information [3:13]
07. Take It on the Amber [5:14]
08. Unique New York [5:56]
09. Who Killed Janet Smith? [2:19]
10. Wasting Away [4:26]
11. The S.S. Song [4:04]
12. R.P.R.S.S. [5:22]
13. Because You Need Me [:12/ 4:32]
14. Ice Age [5:01]
15. The Eight [3:31]
16. Murray's Stolen Board [9:02]

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