Artist/ Band: Edensong
Title: Echoes Of Edensong: From The Studio And Stage
Label: Self Release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

I first became aware of Edensong is when I received their debut album, The Fruit Fallen to review. The second awareness of Edensong was when I witnessed them live at 3RP 2009. It was amazing and a rare thing to see a band that I reviewed their cd, to see them live. I have to say, if you’re in an area that has Edensong playing, I’d urge you to check them out.

Now in 2010 the band releases an album of studio and live music called Echoes of Edensong: From The Studio and Stage. It includes a song played at 3RP 2009, of which I attended ,called “Beneath The Tide“. “Beneath The Tide” (10:19) appears in a studio version as well. It’s a powerhouse of music both in the studio and live. It’s one of those kinds songs that grabs you and hold onto you all the way through. It also resonates long after the song is over.

“Lorelai” (4:11) is an acoustic song that originally appeared on the Haiti Projekt. It’s a very beautiful and gentle song that eases you and relaxes you.

“To See But Not Believe” (8:42) is a previously unreleased song that was supposed to be on the debut album but left off. It appears here in a remastered form. It has that trademark sound that was first introduced to fans on their debut. For those uninitiated, Edensong’s style combines both an acoustic and aggressive guitar parts while never crossing over into the prog-metal genre.

The next three tracks are live from various festivals the band played in 2009. First up is “Reunion” (10:02) from their ProgDay performance in Chapel Hill, N.C.. Then an extended version of “Beneath The Tide” (13:12) from their 3RP performance in Pittsburg, P.A.. Ending the disc is “The Sixth Day” (9:57) which is listed as a ‘bonus’ track. This is taken from their Terra Incognita Convention performance in Quebec City.

This album is essential to those that own the debut, The Fruit Fallen, as well as a perfect introduction to the band. I feel this album shows that the band can reproduce their studio songs into a live format as well as something to tie over until the next full length album is released. This disc gets a very strong recommendation from me.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 13th, 2010


01. Beneath The Tide
02. Lorelai
03. To See But Not Believe
04. The Reunion (Live in NC)
05. Beneath The Tide (Live in PA) [video]

Bonus track:

06. The Sixth Day (Live in QC)

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