Artist/ Band: Dorian Opera
Title: Crusade 1212
Label: Solemnity Records
Year of Release: 2011
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Three years after their debut album No Secrets, Germanyís Dorian Opera released a new album in 2011 entitled Crusade1212. The story is basically a concept album inspired by the historical Children's crusade. Musically theyíre still is the same area as they were on their debut. The only difference this time around is they have two new singers, a male (Sven The Axe) and a female (Alexandra Goess). Right off I have to say I would have liked to have heard Alexandra more. Honestly, my reason is that Svenís style of vocals takes them more towards Dream Theater territory. On the plus side, combination of vocals gives a versatility that most bands in the prog-metal genre donít have.

The rest of the band is from the debut and features a fantastic group of musicians especially the keyboardist, Andrew Roussak and guitarist, Oliver Weislogel. The rhythm section of Joe Eisenburger (bass) and Harry Reischmannis (drums) is probably the tightest Iíve heard in a long while. To my ears, this album is a vast step forward for the band while itís still on the outer edges of typical prog-metal, really needs something more, maybe a non traditional instrument in this genre.

Since this is a concept album, I recommend setting aside an hour of your leisure time to soak up the story and music. I think once you do, youíll become a fan of Dorian Opera. I think the best is yet to come but Crusade 1212 is a very solid prog-metal band that I would recommend strongly.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 30th, 2011


01. Ouverture 1212
02. Soldier Of Fortune
03. Sermon In Saint-Denis
04. Follow Your Heart
05. Crusade
06. Two Hearts
07. Harbour Of Marseilles
08. Carthago
09. So Long
10. Hope

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