Artist/ Band: Dol Ammad
Title: Ocean Dynamics
Label: Electronic Art Metal Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Dol Ammad, whose driving force is Thanasis Lightbridge; keys player and composer. Some are saying his obvious influences from Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. I have very little to no experience with those artist so I canít make any comments.

Dol Ammad follows in the long line of over the top symphonic metal artists. In fact itís very similar to Hubi Meiselís last two releases. The only difference is keyboards is the main instrument with the rest layered to compliment. The sounds you hear on the latest release called Ocean Dynamics are that of a perfect mix of electronica, operatic and metal.

Joining Thanasis are an impressive roster of musicians like Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody) on drums and DC Cooper (ex-Royal Hunt) guest singing on one track (Aquatic Majesty). Adding to that is a 14 person, classical choir. Together the results are so unlike anything heard before even though thereís a familiarity about it. One instant a heavy symphonic metal sound then switching to an electronic/ trance-like sounds.

Personally I would have liked to hear more of a symphonic electronica dominate the album but itís well done as presented. This is a type of album and band that will cater more to those that enjoy all things metal such as the progressive and power elements. To me this is the beginning of more original ideas into, dare I say a Ďsame-yí dull genre.

So if you enjoy the aforementioned artists and want something unique within a metal sound than look no further with Dol Ammadís Ocean Dynamics. Finally a more mature metal sound that lets the listener feel like theyíre being challenged and not insulted with lame regurgitated themes.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 3rd, 2007


1. Thalassa Dominion I
2. Thalassa Dominion II
3. Thalassa Dominion III
4. Thalassa Dominion IV
5. Solarwinds
6. Descend
7. Lava
8. Aquatic Majesty
9. Liquid Desert
10. Heart of the Sea

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