Artist/ Band: Derek Sherinian
Title: Oceana
Label: Music Theories Recordings
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Okay I am not going to go into all the past bio and credits of Derek Sherinian as that info is all over the place. This is a short to the point fan’s review. The main thing here is this is a kick-ass CD and there are a few things that make it a favorite progressive fusion recording in my collection. First off, Derek has Simon Phillips back in the drum seat. Simon also co produces the CD. If you love Jeff Beck ‘Wired’, any of the knock out fusion albums of the last 3 decades where Simon Phillips smoked the drums, then you’ll love this until your ears fall off. I keep trying to turn all the newbies on to Mike Rutherford’s (Genesis bass player) first solo “Smallcreeps Day” that features Simon simply doing one of the finest drum performances of his life. This has some of the same heat that he brought on that album at it’s most quick paces. The drumming is pristine.

Now this also has some Allan Holdsworth sounding stuff (track 3 is certainly a good example) that anyone with taste buds for progressive jazz fusion would have to love. Guitar is by way of Steve Lukather (Toto), Tony MacAlpine (Planet X), Steve Stevens, and Joe Bonamassa. Jimmy Johnson plays bass on all tracks except to, which are played by Tony Franklin And last but not least, Derek Sherinian on keyboards throughout. And one thing I have always admired about Derek, is he never has hogged the music whatsoever. He allows the fantastically talented musicians to always shine on every song. And with any great musician, they know where to place that shine, and where to allow someone else to do the same.

I have owned a CD for a very long time (used to have the Sheffield direct to disc vinyl too) by James Newton Howard called “James Newton Howard & Friends” which featured the late great Jeff Porcaro on drums, his father on percussion and all elite musicians. Some songs on this Sherinian ‘Oceana’ CD remind me of that. Every composition is clean, tight, hellacious, and just plain fine progressive fusion that when done right, never gets old. 70's Jeff Beck lover’s rejoice!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on September 30th, 2011


01. Five Elements 4:35
02. Mercury 7 4:22
03. Mulholland 5:56
04. Euphoria 5:35
05. Ghost Runner 4:53
06. El Camino Diablo 5:07
07. I Heard That 4:53
08. Seven Sins 5:58
09. Oceana 5:39

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