Artist/ Band: D'arcana
Title: D'arcana
Label: Lemuria Music
Year of Release: 2004
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Díarcana is a new project by frontman Jay Tausig (E-Motive), joined by Shelby Snow and James Camblin. Musically this is very different than e-Motiveís symphonic based prog, in fact there really isnít any prog here by the traditional sense. At first I wasnít warming up to the sound but once I did, I found that going a different route to be a good thing. To me It shows that not all progressive sounding music have to follow the familiar path of previous bands including the giants of the 70's This shows that Díarcana is willing to explore other avenues to arrive at a progressive rock album.

The music is acoustic driven with a slight alternative and folk feel to it Even some psychedelic texture, not too much but just the right amount for this reviewer. The album flows quite nicely too My favorite track is the ending epic, Ancient Future. Itís the most progressive sounding song on the whole CD. This is one of those albums that needs several listens to appreciate and once you do, itís a keeper.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 26th, 2005


01. Miles Away
02. Picture This
03. Once In A Lifetime
04. Changes
05. Pastozaporius
06. Set In Stone
07. Nightshade
08. Let It Out
09. s.u.a.p.y.g.
10. Windows
11. Ancient Future

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