Artist/ Band: D'AccorD
Title: D'AccorD
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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D‘AccorD is a new progressive hard rock band from Norway. In 2009 the released their self titled debut. I wasn‘t aware of this band until one day when I was in the chat room and D’AccorD’s lead singer & flautist, Daniel Mage and I spoke via private messaging. Joining him are Fredrik Errol Horn (keyboards, saxophone), Woody Rosenheim (drums), Stig Are Sund (guitar) and Arstein Tislevoll (bass).

I listened to samples online and was very impressed so when Daniel told me he would send me a copy of their debut album, I was beside myself in anticipation. That anticipation has paid off many times. They have to be one of the best retro sounding bands and in good company with bands like Black Bonzo, The Divine Baze Orchestra, Bigelf and many more.

Just like their peers, they invoke the 70s style of progressive hard rock in their music, successfully I might add. You can easily hear their influences on songs like the opening track, “Play By The Hall Rules” (12:13). Towards the end there’s an homage to Genesis’ song he Musical Box.

The next two songs “This Is The One” (4:42) and “Bin” (5:44) show that the band can do shorter songs too. These two could easily be singles, in a perfect world.

The second to last song, “Time To Play” (8:31) is a beautiful hard rocking ballad. There are some complex moments around the half way point. It has a grand finale type ending.

Ending off the album is the second long song called “Capitale Venditio” (13:24). It has the most changes of the two and a perfect way to end a wonderful album. I would without any doubt recommend this to fans of the aforementioned bands as well as those longing for a time when music was regarded more as an art form and less a commodity.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 25th, 2011


01. Play By The Hall Rules
02. This Is The One
03. Bin
04. Time To Play
05. Capitale Venditio

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