Artist/ Band: Cryptic Vison
Title: Moments Of Clarity
Label: ProgRock Records
Year of Release: 2004
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Cryptic Vision’s accessible yet complex progressive rock is very similar to Salem Hill (Robbery of A Murder) and Saga (Generation 13) while adding styles close to classic American progressive rock bands of the 1970's. Cryptic Vison is basically a trio of vocalist Todd Plant, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Rick Duncan, and guitarist/keyboard player Robert Van Dyne. They add other musicians such as ex-Kansas violinist David Ragsdale and current Iced Earth guitarist Ralph Santolla.

Moments of Clarity has a familiar feel to it. In fact once you put the cd into your favorite player you’re instantly taken on a roller coaster ride through this concept disc. I think it is about a man and how he deals with things after hiw wife’s untimely death. The music is very emotional both lyrically and musically. Plus it’s a storyline you can actually follow and since it’s based in reality you find yourself thinking “what if that happened to me?”

Now that Cryptic Vision is on Progrock Records, you know that they’re in good hands. This is a highly recommended symphonic (some may even say neo-prog) release for 2004. Either way go buy this cd A.S.A.P.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 4th, 2004


01. Introspective [5:06]
02. New Perspective [4:05]
03. Contemplation [4:16]
04. Grand Design [7:16]
05. Angeline [4:22]
06. Losing Faith [2:25]
07. Angel's Requiem [2:14]
08. Colored Leaf [4:44]
09. Shock Value [4:03]
10. Moments of Clarity [12:28]
I. Flash of Life
II. Abaddon
III. In Due Time
IV. Hope For Tomorrow
11. Ascension [5:42]

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