Artist/ Band: Crimson Sky
Title: Dawn
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2012
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Three years past since the last Crimson Sky release, Misunderstood, with a renewed lineup now and an even more solid polished sound overall without sacrificing what they've achieved so far. Joining Martin and Clive are newcommers Jane Setter (Vocals), Scott Maynard (Drums) and Moray Macdonald (Keyboards). I hope this lineup outstays the previous ones because these five people have a very good chemistry together. WHile I have enjoyed Holly's vocals, I think Jane's suit the band much better plus I've noticed Martin's guitar skills to gone up a few notches making him a very viable player in the progressive rock community.

On Dawn there's two new songs ("Crimson Sky" and "The Park") as well as two reworked songs ("The Sea" and "After The Rain") from the previous album. While it's only a EP, in my opinion, the song choices serves as a glimpse of greatness to come.

Crimson Sky deserves to be on the radar of more fans as well as in the press and a more visable promotion. We should and need to be hearing a lot more from this band.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 15th, 2012


01. Crimson Sky
02. The Sea (2012 Version)
03. The Park
04. After The Rain (2012 Version)

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