Artist/ Band: Crimson Sky
Title: Only Love
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Crimson Sky are a new band from Bristol, the South west of England, which features Martin Leamon on guitars, Nancy Jackson on vocals, Sam Turner on keyboards, Clive Lambert on bass and Paul Cubie on drums. Together they have recorded four raw tracks on the Only Love EP. The band follows in the tradition of Mostly Autumn, Magenta, Iona, Karnataka, Mermaids Kiss and Queccia while having their own identity.

This EP is a raw representation of what the band is capable of doing, a glimpse into whatís to come. I can almost foresee Crimson Sky being as big as the the aforementioned bands. While the production is a bit lacking, I am recommending this band and debut based solely on the composition and performance skills. Iím sure when they release future albums, the production will be a lot better.

Still not sure? Well you can go to the bandís website or their page at to hear their music. If you like what you hear then please support the band and buy their debut EP.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 22nd, 2006


1. Only Love
2. I Do Not Count That Time
3. Somewhere
4. Misunderstood II

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