Artist/ Band: City Boy
Title: The Day the Earth Caught Fire
Label: Vertigo
Year of Release: 1979
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The Review:

"At the first stroke, it will be 3 o'clock. Precisely." And so the album begins... This obscure little pop prog gem would satisfy any Queen, Styx, 10cc, or Crack the Sky fan. Remember that by this time all four of these groups had made very valid music earlier in their careers, and The Day the Earth Caught Fire compares very favorably to albums like Styx's Crystal Ball, CtS's Safety In Numbers or 10cc's Bloody Tourist. These are three of my favorites from the late 70's.

This fifth record from City Boy sees the band take a stronger step into heavy rock, utilizing Mike Slamer's excellent fretwork to a greater degree. The title song has great high-pitched harmonies throughout and a big symphonic feel to it. All three lead vocalists employed by the band were in attendance on this album, and incredible voices were always a hallmark of City Boy.

The songs are still a little light hearted, though not as comical as previous albums (see my review of Young Men Gone West). Other highlights of the album include: "Interrupted Melody," with its alternating solo piano with vocal to hard-rockin' chorus, "Machines" an odd but cool and rocking song, and the four part "Ambition" which reminds me of some of Spock's Beard more epic pieces.

This is good stuff! Again, itís catchy but not overtly commercial. Unique and complex, City Boy were a great band that never quite received their due.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on April 15th, 2008


1. The Day the earth caught Fire
2. It's only the end of the World
3. Interrupted Melody
4. Modern Love Affair
5. New York Times
6. Up in the Eighties
7. Machines
8. Ambition [a. Ambition, b. Me and my Tarot, c. Rev-On (The Crunch), d. The End (came easy)]

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