Artist/ Band: Citizen Cain
Title: Serpents in Camouflage
Label: Cyclops
Year of Release: 1992/93
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Genesis clones? As much as any Neo-Prog band that’s been around since the 1980’s this Scottish band evokes memories of an earlier period of Genesis. With Tony Banks style keyboard patches and soloing by Stewart Bell, fluid guitar ala Steve Hackett by Frank Kennedy, melodic bass lines recalling Michael Rutherford by David Elam and above all, the voice of Cyrus sounding like a bratty Phil Collins trying to emulate Peter Gabriel… well how can they not sound like their inspirational muse?

Bell’s keyboard is the primary instrument on Serpents In Camouflage. It drives the songs rhythmically, pulsating often with percussive tendencies. Perhaps his background as a drummer lends itself to this approach? Interestingly, this first release by Citizen Cain is perhaps the most Genesis –like of their catalog. Opener “Stab In the Back,” the break almost halfway through “Liquid Kings,” Cyrus’ flute solo towards the end of “Dance of the Unicorn,” and the ominous drone of title song “Serpents” all feel like (with a bit more acoustic guitar) they could fit on any pre-1975 Genesis recording.

If you love early Genesis or Marillion, you will enjoy this album. Citizen Cain would develop their sound a bit in the next few years and depart more from their muse and become further unique, but Serpents In Camouflage is one of the better Neo-Prog albums released in the 90’s.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on September 22nd, 2012


01. Stab In The Back (6:49)
02. Liquid Kings (11:25)
03. Harmless Criminal (10:29)
04. The Gathering (11:05)
05. Dance Of The Unicorn (6:27)
06. Serpents In Camouflage (13:23)
07. Nightlights - As The Wheel Turns (4:06)
08. Stab In The Back (live Demo)(7:06)

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