Artist/ Band: Carl Palmer Band
Title: Working Live - Volume 2
Label: Sanctuary Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Since the band Emerson Lake & Palmer donít seem to be getting back together anytime soon, we get three different interpretations of their classic material. Recently drummer Carl Palmer and his new band have produced two live CDs entitled Working Live Volume 1 and Volume 2. I have received Volume 2 from Carlís promotion company here in the States and found the versions of classic ELP music to be quite refreshing. Here we have a trio format not unlike ELP but instead of keyboards there are guitars. The Carl Palmer Band are Carl, Shaun Baxter (guitar) and Dave Marks (bass). The rhythm section is tighter in some ways than in ELP. Carl has picked some outstanding musicians to help him bring forth this live CD.

This is a short album but has some of the best interpretations of ELPís music that Iíve heard in a long while. The versions of such classics Hoedown, Trilogy, Tarkus & Aquatarkus and the closing Fanfare are slightly different than the originals. In many ways, theyíre given new life, more electric if I may say so.

If this is the line-up for the appearance of the Carl Palmer Band at this years Baja Prog festival, then those that are attending will be in for a treat. Those that canít make it, you can hear Carl & Company on both the Working Live volumes. Also it would make a great keeper for those that have seen Carl Palmerís recent live shows

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2005


1. Hoedown
2. Trilogy
3. J. Section
4. Tarkus & Aquatarkus
5. Carmina Burana
6. Fanfare & Drum Solo

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