Artist/ Band: Brighteye Brison
Title: Stories
Label: Progress Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Brighteye Brison are a Swedish quintet that consists of brothers Linus and Daniel Kåse (keyboards/vocals/saxophone and drums/vocals/trumpet), Johan Öijen (guitar), Kristofer Eng (bass/theremin/flute/vocals) and Per Hallman (vocals). They were formed in Stockholm back around 2000 and have released their self-titled debut album in 2003 on Rivel Records. According to sources, this album is currently out of print. Shortly afterwards they signed to Hansi Cross’ Progress Records, and released the band’s second album, Stories early in 2006.

Seems like Sweden has cornered the market for all things progressive and Brighteye Brison have the makings of a great band. Upon listening to ‘Stories’ I found that I’ve heard it all before. I really wanted to like this band but there really wasn’t enough of a bite that would want me to return to this album often. To me they stay within the ‘safe zones’ of song based symphonic progressive rock.

That being said there are some nice highlights on this album including “Patterns” which features a Church organ. “All Love” sounds like a nice mix of Genesis and Supertramp. Their harmonies on the pop driven We Wanna Return is just plain fantastic. It reminds me of the shorter Genesis songs from the Peter Gabriel era.

In closing, Stories is a good album and shows some potential of great band. I believe by the third album it’ll be the album to get. In the meantime I would say this album woul appeal to fans of the pop side of progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 24th, 2006


1. Stories (2:54)
2. Patterns (8:37)
3. Isolation (5:00)
4. The Battle Of Brighteye Brison (6:57)
5. Elenah (1:14)
6. Late (5:22)
7. Life Inside (5:31)
8. All Love (9:02)
9. We Wanna Return (5:33)
10. Stories (reprise) (3.21)

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