Artist/ Band: Brainstorm
Title: Brainstorm Two - Earth Zero
Label: MC
Year of Release: 1995 (Re-mastered September 2000)
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The Review:

Brainstorm is a band with many influences, from what my ears hear. What I hear a is pre DSotM Pink Floyd to Blue Oyster Cult and some Rush. Even though this is a 90's band they could have fit perfectly in the 1970's and the vocals are fantastic too!!.

Freeway: a really good straight ahead rock song in a BoC/ RUSH vein.
Vandal's Hymn: this song has a anthem-like quality which turns into a ballad.
No-one Knows: another straight forward sounding song and quiet frankly not one of my favorites.
Stasis: a very nice ballad with an early Floyd (pre Gilmour). very good instrumentation through-out.
Slow Train of the Lie: this song has an early Blue Oyster Cult sound and another very good straight forward song.
Back Home on Terra: a song that shares both a folk (from the way accoustic guitar sound) and a spacey sound and one of my favorite on this CD.
Triplanetary: since my music knowledge isn't as vast yet I can basically say this is spacey song done in a ballad. There is however a space rock sound going. This is another of my personal favorites!
The Last Long Summer: a very Roger Waters quality to this song, reminds me of the accoustic songs and accoustic parts on Animals.
Anarchy: another song that has a softer sounding Blue Oyster Cult feel to it, not saying they are a copy-cat band but that's what I am hearing.
Tyranny: now this has a a Blue Oyster Cult/ Motorhead vibe ... Motorhead comment comes from the way the bass and speed of the song sound, maybe this could be a "prog-punk" song ...Hmmmmmmm....
Armagedon: ahhhhhhhhhh space rock at it's finest... the bass line sounds much like Eloy in a way

This CD is highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 22nd, 2001


1. Freeway (4:11)
2. Vandal's Hymn (4:40)
3. No-one knows (4:28)
4. Stasis (4:49)
5. Slow Train of the Lie (3:33)
6. Back home on Terra (3:01)
7. Triplanetary (4:11)
8. The last long Summer (2:14)
9. Anarchy (3:16)
10. Tyranny (2:57)
11. Armageddon (20:56)

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