Artist/ Band: Birds And Buildings
Title: Bantam To Behemoth
Label: Emkog Records
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Birds and Buildings is a project by multi-instrumentalist Dan Britton (Cerebus Effect, Deluge Grander) and the debut album “Bantam To Behemoth“ mixes high-energy complex progressive rock with jazz-fusion music Joining Dan are Malcolm McDuffie: (drums), Brian Falkowski: (saxes, flute, clarinet), Brett d'Anon (bass, guitars) and Megan Wheatley (vocals on “Chronicle of the Invisible River of Stone“)

The music is mostly instrumental and to my ears leans more towards the fusion side of things. I noticed that playing comes more from the soul rather than being one of a technical nature. From the frenzied beginnings of Birds Flying Into Buildings, you know you’re in for a musical adventure of epic proportions This song has a wild yet beautiful saxophone part. This is also my favorite along with “Tunguska” on the album. I would go on to say that both songs shows the band’s signature sound in many ways.

Dan was kind enough to send me this but he wasn’t sure I would like it. Well Dan, I do like it… very much so! I’ve been exploring music for a while now and it pleases me when such a amazing album comes across my path. I would recommend fans of the adventurous side of progressive rock, especially King Crimson, Anglagard, and Magma, to get the debut album “Bantam to Behemoth” by Birds And Buildings ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 15th, 2008


1. Birds Flying Into Buildings
2. Terra Fire
3. Caution Congregates and Forms a Storm
4. Chronicle of hte Invisible River of Stories
5. Yucatan 65: The Agitation of the Mask
6. Chakra Khan
7. Battalion
8. Sunken City, Sunny Day

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