Artist/ Band: Beppe Crovella
Title: What's Rattlin' On The Moon?
Label: MoonJune Records
Year of Release: 2009
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Subtitled ďA personal vision of the music of Mike Ratlidge,Ē Whatís Rattlin On the Moon is Arti & Mestieri keyboardist Beppe Crovellaís exploration of the music from Soft Machine. Itís all keyboards, but no synthesizers. Beppe uses Hammonds, Mellotrons, Fender Rhodes and other analog electronic keys to make interesting sounds and noises that show what some of these instruments are able to do.

Itís dense and difficult, using no other musical instruments. No guitar, drum, vocal, bassÖ Itís music to make you think. Sometimes bordering on free-form Jazz, sometimes recalling the modern-day King Crimson, at times minimalistic ala Eno or Kraftwerk. This is what you might call musicianís music. It takes a person with good knowledge and experienced listening of musical history to truly appreciate what Beppe Crovella has done here. Mostly, Beppe take a main riff and improvises symphonic flourishes over the top, with varied and unique sounds, even without the aid of any other instruments.

Are you ready for something different? This is certainly that! Itís a good example of what these instruments are all about and their amazing capabilities. The Mellotronís ability to mimic choirs and opera singers, the fuzz bass sounds from the distorted organs, or just the singular quality of electronic piano that has no comparison, itís good stuff! I would give this a recommendation only if youíre ready to go a lot deeper than your typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus pop tune.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on July 30th, 2010


...Rattlin' All The Time
01. Tarabos
02. Chloe and the Pirates
03. All White
04. The Man Who Waved At Trains
05. As If
06. Hibou, Anemone and Bear
07. Out-Bloody-Rageous
08. Pig
09. Esther's Nose Job
10. Slighly All The Time 11. Leonard's E-Mail
12. Moonvision
13. Many Moons, Many Junes
...After The Moon
14. Lunar Impression
15. Circular Lines In The Air
16. Moon Geezers (to Elton & Hugh)

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