Artist/ Band: Auroris
Title: Recycled Space Debris
Label: Self Release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

I was first approached by Tony a.k.a. Auroris through and subsequently he sent me his first self released cd, Recycled Space Debris (2005). Itís housed in a slim-line cases which might be misleading because the music within is, to my ears, top notch quality. Tony claims to be amateur musician but upon listening to this cd, I canít see how. He sounds as professional as any other progressive music artist today.

Musically on whole this album could be classified as a mix of space rock and electronica . Just think equal parts Ozric Tentacles, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and you get the basics of Aurorisí music. To make the musical journey a more pleasant one, these cds are all instrumental. To me, putting lyrics, whether sung or spoken would take away from the beauty of the compositions.

On Recycled Space Debris, the music has a more electronica vibe to it not unlike Ozric Tentacles but without the repetition. The songs are just under the 8 minute mark and always keep your attention, even in the quieter parts Plus the music is a great form of escapism from the stress filled days most people endure. I would implore you to seek out Recycled Space Debris especially if youíre a fan of the afore mentioned bands. Your ears will thank you.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 6th, 2006


1. Turbukence
2. lamourobottica
3. Sirens
4. Tentacles
5. Day Trip to Sirius
6. Autonamous
7. Exit Pod 2
8. Drums n Space
9. Triangulation of the Moon

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