Artist/ Band: At War With Self
Title: Torn Between Dimensions
Label: Free Electric Sound
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

At War With Self is a all instrumental power prog trio that bridges metal, folk, prog and fusion all into one. The project is the brainchild of guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Glenn Snelwar. Joining Glenn on the debut, Torn Between Dimensions, are Michael Manring on fretless bass and e-bow; and Fates Warning's Mark Zonder on drums and percussion. All three musicians are stellar and combined together create some of the most genre-bending music to date. One minute itís almost hardcore metal, then the next itís spacey melodic. Their influences shine brightly here. And what influences are those you ask? Well count bands like King Crimson, Voivod and Pink Floyd but they go beyond those to mix in some classical, bluegrass and jazz influences within the compositions.

Out of the three musicians, Iíve only heard music by Guitarist Glenn Snelwar (who is best known for his contributions to Gordian Knotís debut). The other is Drummer Mark Zonder of Fates Warning fame. Itís fantastic to finally hear Michael Manringís bass work. His fretless bass parts are melodic but never overwhelming. Some players seems to take the lead thus taking away from the composition, so Michaelís work here is very welcomed by these ears.

From beginning to end, Torn Between Dimensions takes you on a musical journey that Snelwar describes as ďa concept album, but not in the strict sense of the word.Ē Although each song can be heard on itís own, to get the full effect one must invest the time and listen to the whole thing. Youíll find yourself hitting the repeat button after the last song ends.

At War With Selfís debut Torn Between Dimensions is one of my favorite releases of 2005 as well as all time. I canít recommend this enough, especially to fanís of instrumental progressive and rock music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 24th, 2005


1. The God Interface
2. Torn Between Dimensions
3. A Gap in the Stream of Mind, part one
4. Grasping at Nothing
5. Coming Home
6. The Event Horizon
7. A Gap in the Stream of Mind, part two
8. Run
9. A Gap in the Stream of Mind, part three
10. At War With Self

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