Artist/ Band: Arz
Title: Serai/ The Magi
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

ARZ (a.k.a. guitarist Steven Adams) released two albums in 2005 “Serai” and “The Magi“. They‘re almost companion pieces so I decided to review them together since the themes and songs from well from one disc to another. One of the amazing things with today’s technology is one man can create an entire band with the right equipment. Well Steven did just that! According to his website, he used his guitars and a Korg 01/W Music Workstation. I honestly don’t know that much of the technical side but it sounds very impressive.

The music on both releases comes off as a combination of styles and influences done in an all instrumental presentation. Some I can hear clearly are a Yes and Rush sound but not in the typical ‘clone’ fashion. There are so many others that take you back to many wonderful places in the past while retaining a modern edge. On his website he explains what his music is all about.:

"This music embraces the concepts of progressive rock — far reaching in harmonic progressions and structure; expansive, limitless instrumentation, combining metal, classical, and world music".

There isn’t one real standout track, yes that sounds like a cop-out but the two albums should be looked at as a ‘whole’ rather than ’separate songs’. Every one of the songs has a uplifting, spiritual feel to it. Dare I say a mixture of progressive and ambient music? Anyways I feel to understand the musical mind of Steven Adams, you have to get both of these albums. Steven’s music has depth that is usually common in a full band and not a one-man band. So without any doubt, if you enjoy instrumental progressive music, then look no further than “Serai” and “The Magi”. You won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 29th, 2007

"Serai" Tracks:
1. Jjinn
2. The Strange Experiment of Dr. Trent
3. Spindleshank
4. Serai
5. Trance
6. 6 Crimson Passage
7. Dandelion Wine
8. Fortress/Siege
9. Hexen
10. Stomp
11. Clovus

"The Magi" Tracks:
1. Futureman
2. Ambergris & Indigo
3. Ur
4. The Magi
5. Tea With Me

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