Artist/ Band: American Hollow
Title: Whisper Campaign
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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American Hollow was formed in 2001 with it’s roots in Kentucky. Over the course of time the band migrated west to find a better music scene that catered to their own brand of alternative/progressive rock. The band’s line-up at this time was (and still is) Kyle Mullikin (guitar), Nathan Alan Gilbert (bass) and a man named Chronos who’s listed as Time Lord (my guess this is inside thing with the band).

In late 2008, the band’s line-up was completed with the addition of vocalist Jimmy “Jameson“ Holman, a native of Mississippi. Jameson’s vocals reminds me a lot of Brandon Boyd (Incubus), which brings a very unique element to modern progressive rock. As you know many vocalists of the prog genre tend to either imitate or emulate Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Jon & Ian Anderson and James Labrie.

Musically American Hollow is a modern progressive rock mixed with some alternative and metal which creates something new in the genre. The band show cases this throughout their debut album, Whisper Campaign. One of my favorites of the album is “State Of Decay” which shows off their alternative side.

The band goes a complex route in the longer tracks like the 7 plus minute “IIlumineye”, the epic 13 minute “Prizards” where all of the band shows off their talents. Then they go in a progressive metal direction with “Blow Wind! Bring Forth Storm” and I’ll tell you what, they do NOT sound like the many other paint-by-numbers bands out today.

In closing if you’re seeking out a band that thinks outside of the normal range of the progressive rock genre then look no further. If there was a new band that deserves a lot of attention, American Hollow is it, so please check out this band ASAP! They have portals to MySpace, Facebook and many others to hear samples and to keep up on their activities.

“Whisper Campaign“ is perhaps one of the best albums to come out in 2010. Hyperbole? Perhaps but when something this special comes across my desk, I want to share with the world. So it garners the highest recommendation I can give.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 4th, 2010


01. Terronoia
02. State Of Decay
03. Operator
04. Variable
05. Constant
06. Gravity
07. Illumineye
08. Prizards
09. Blow Wind! Bring Forth Storm
10. Terrannoyed

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