Artist/ Band: Alan Parsons
Title: A Valid Path (Dual Disc)
Label: Immergent
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

I was thrilled to put in A Valid path by Alan Parsons as Iíve been a fan of his music over the years especially with The Alan Parsons Project. Much to my surprise the music was nothing what I expected and at first I was taken back by it. It seems that Alan decided to forge ahead and leave his past behind him. This was going to be something I had to get used to. Gone are the usual players and in their place are guest musicians such as P.J. Olsson, Shpongle, The Crystal Method, Nortec Collective and Uberzone. These musicians are more known in the modern dance/ techno genre than the progressive one Alan usually uses.

Basically Alan Parsons has abandoned, for now, the rock format in favor of an electronica one. Honestly, this will confuse time fans but if theyíre true fans of Alanís the they will approach it with an open mind. There are two classic APP tunes re-recorded here, in the form of Mammagamma 04 and A Recurring Dream Within a Dream. The latter is a shortened version of A Dream Within a Dream and The Raven.

Some favorites of mine include the opening track, Return to Tunguska, which includes Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on guitar. More Lost Without You with P.J. Olsson on vocals, which is a rather catchy tune that could in many ways be a sign of, in my opinion, an updated APP song. The last of my favorites is We Play The Game, which Alan Parsons does the lead vocals on and does a very good job too.

This is an odd album, where as some fans with either love it or hate it, well dislike it. It does come packaged as a dual disc with some very good interviews of Alan and David as well as others. This is album really is geared for techno lovers and could be looked at as a well done novelty album by some of Alanís diehard fans. For me itís a rather enjoyable listen that surely will get repeated listens and views.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 4th, 2006


CD SIDE: Complete album in stereo
1. Return To Tunguska
2. More Lost Without You
3. Mammagamma 04
4. We Play The Game
5. Tijuaniac
6. L'Arc En Ciel
7. A Recurring Dream Within A Dream
8. You Can Run
9. Chomolungma

Entire album recorded in 5.1 surround sound
  • Track Commentary
  • Interview with Alan in English with subtitles in French, Spanish, German, and Japanese
  • Complete Alan Parsons discography
  • Lyrics
  • Website links
  • DVDLauncher feature
  • Easter Eggs- "Turn it Up" video, "More Lost Without You" video

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