Here's What Some Prog Musicians Are Saying About ProgNaut.com

"Ron Fuchs and ProgNaut are to Progressive Rock as Frank Lloyd Wright is to architecture." Kerry Kompost, bassist of Mars Hollow

""Ron has a great ear. He dissects the music with a fine scalpel and peels back the layers, exposing the intricacies of each composition. (plus he is a heck of a nice guy!." Steve Mauk, keyboardist of Mars Hollow

""Yuri Gagarin: first astronaut. Ron Fuchs: first ProgNaut" John Baker, guitarist/vocalist of Mars Hollow

"As a fan, I've always respected ProgNaut as a reliable source for honest and inspiring reviews on classic, and the latest and greatest progressive rock. But as a professional prog musician, I respect Ron and his crew at ProgNaut for their undaunting labor of love - I consider the ProgNaut team as an integral part of the professional network and 'staff' that we artists depend on for honesty, integrity and timeliness. Many thanks for their passion!!!" -Lisa LaRue, keyboardist/Lisa LaRue 2KX

"Heartbreakingly, the world cannot all hold hands. There will be those who simply do not get it, and there will be those who do. Mr. Ron Fuchs at Prognaut refreshingly falls into the latter category, in an era when we need it most!" -Doug RAUSCH

Prognaut's news and views on Progressive Rock are a crucial part of the network that has been a barometer for the movement over the past decade. It's been supporting what the musicians do in a clear and authoritive manner since it began. Thanks Ron! - Andy Tillison of The Tangent & PO90

I always look forward to what Ron will hear in the music. This same anticipation begins as early as within the mixing sessions for a given album. "What will Ron and Team ProgNaut think of this one?!" I suppose it's the truth of Ron's writing. The unbridled support of the genre, the championing of the cause Progressive. The sum total is heartfelt appreciation for the musicians, the music, and the care in which ProgNaut provides a world class listeners guide for same. - John Orsi, Knitting By Twilight

"Prognaut.com carries the torch for adventurous music helf high and proud. In addition to thoughtful reviews of both live shows and albums, the site is beautifully organized and oozes with positive energy." - Steve Katsikas, Singer/Keys Little Atlas

"ProgNaut.com is a welcome stop for internet travelers seeking unbiased reviews and interviews from a variety of cutting edge progressive artists. You won't find any music snobbery here, just a staff with true music lovers that understand what "Progressive" really means - moving forward! Hat's off to Ron Fuchs for bringing us joy for over 7 years running." - Jeff Hodges, Vocals, Keyboards of Man on Fire

"The site is well-organized and easily navigable. Seven years is a great run, and this site deserves at least seven more!"
- Ryan Rosoff - guitarist/vocalist of Little King

"ProgNaut.com is the definitive vessel for Southern California progressive music. Let Ron's ship guide you past the Scylla and Charybdis of pop music dreck to find the true islands of harmonious beauty in the clear waters of artistic depth."
- Erik Norlander, Keyboardist for Rocket Scientists/ Lana Lane

"You can tell that Ron cares about keeping the progressive music scene alive and well. He's been supportive of many of us here and it does not go unappreciated! Keep up the good work."
- Shaun Guerin, Multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist Solo Artist/ former Drummer for Rocket Scientists

"Thank you so much for your kind words regarding Evolution for a Party of One.. It is most appreciated.. I've been looking at your web site and I find that your review area in particular, I've noticed to be very constructive and fair. The site as a whole is very comprehensive.. Anyone interested in the Progressive genre (especially in the LA area) would be wise to visit the site often. Thanks again for your help and I'll be keeping an eye on ProgNaut.com"
- Mike Adkins, Guitarist for Synema

"I have found Ron (ProgNaut) to not only be an ardent and knowledgeable true fan of Progressive Music but also a good friend and fan of Glass music.... Anyone who knows the Glass "story" knows there is a Rip van Winkle quality to it and all I can say is that this "Rip van Winkle" was glad to awaken to a friend like Ron who provided him with a small roadmap through the Progressive Rock Landscape of 2001. ."
- Jeff Sherman, Bass/Keyboards/guitars for Glass

"One of the things that has impressed me about ProgNaut is that they see this genre of music in it's true light... as it continues to progress and as such are open to new ideas and schools of thought."
- John Young, keyboardist/vocalist 

"The ProgNaut web pages are an excellent guide to the world of progressive music, especially the up and coming Southern California bands."
- Dan Shapiro Bassist/Producer Clearlight

"Prognaut.com is a heartfelt tribute to a style of music that provides much-needed escapism to discerning music aficionados. Nice logo as well!"
- Chris/ Under The Sun

"There are some great links, elsewhere on this site, to some really great groups. Check 'em out. "
- Gayle Ellett/Djam Karet

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