Artist/ Band: Zello
Title: First Chapter, Second Verse
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

The Swedish band, Zello have been around for a while, just recently they decided to re-release their debut cd with a full rock band ensemble, since the original contained no guitars. With that and possible reworking, they came up with this debut release on Lion Music calld First Chapter, Second Verse.

Musically the bandís leanings are towards Kansasí more accessible songs. They are not clones since they have their own take on the music. Kansas is the closest band to compare Zello to, mostly because theyíre on par with them for the most part. Zello is one of the better releases on the Lion Music label and a top contender for one of my favorite releases of 2004. Melodic progressive rock fans will enjoy this especially fanís of the afore mentioned Kansas.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 22nd, 2004


1) Fairy Queen
2) Little Eve
3) Hold On
4) Shades of the Crying Children
5) The Children Are Crying
6) Kelpie
7) The Angels Have Fallen
8) The Humming
9) Voyager
10) FlojtBenkes Resa
11) Traffic Jam
12) Through Clouds of Virgin Angels
13) Hold One (Live)

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