Artist/ Band: Z-Axis
Title: Concatenations
Label: End of Rodney Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Iíve heard of the band Z-Axis through various progressive rock forums and mailing lists but I never HEARD them until I got a promo copy of Concatenations. I must admit to be a little turned off by the music at first mainly because of the diverse nature of the album. Most tracks are instrumental and a few have vocals included some spoken word.

This is one of the more difficult albums to get through and even after several listens it hasnít settled in all the way. I believe Z-Axis is one of those bands that requires a listener to give itís full attention to. Music fans that like diverse styles, that donít follow even conventional progressive rock, will enjoy this band and album. Those that are what I call Ďcasual listenersí or close minded people will be turned off by Concatenations from the first note.

In closing, if you need something different, even within the progressive rock or RIO genre then youíll enjoy Z-Axisí Concatenations. All otherís beware and find something more suited to your likes. You can go to their MySpace page to hear the music for yourself.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 12th, 2006


1. Out of Hand
2. Whitewater
3. Too Clever by Half
4. The Grey Neighbours
5. Big Bend
6. Dry Land
7. Live With The LIzards
8. Betrayal
9. Put Out The Cat
10. Columbia Dam

QuickTime Videos
Live at Roguefest 2004
  • She had to go live with the Lizards
  • Name Your Poison
  • Emporor's Cascade

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