Artist/ Band: Yang
Title: Machines
Label: Yang Music
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Yang began it’s existence in 2002 which resulted in the 2004 album, A Complex Nature. The line-up consisted of Frederic L’Epée (guitars), Stephane Bertrand (bass), Volodia Brice (drums) and Julien Vecchie (guitars) who was a guitar student of L'Eppe's The line-up changed in 2005 with Nico Gomez (bass) replaced Stephane and Laurent James (guitars) replaced Julien.

After almost several years of silence, the band reemerged (with this line-up) and released “Machines“ in 2009. My first impression was that it was heavier than the debut but unmistakingly, Yang. Continuing their own brand of instrumental progressive rock and fusion with songs staying around the 5 minute mark. The music has been compared to various eras of King Crimson but less the improvisation characteristics.

Right off, the band wastes no time with a in-your-face wall of sound on “Massacre” and continues with the assault onwards throughout the rest of the album. Highlights , besides the first cut, are “Heavy Motion Light Thoughts” an angular jazzy piece, “Some Rescued Demons” a metallic piece to the closing funky “Temperance”.

In closing, if you enjoyed the first album or various eras of King Crimson from1972 onward through the Discipline, Three of a Perfect Pair and Beat as well as Thrak-era, then this is a must own and garners a high recommendation to all the fans of

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 6th, 2010


01. Massacre
02. Superball
03. de la mélancolie à la révolte (from melancholy to rebellion)
04. le procès (Prosecution
05. Circuits de satisfaction (Satisfaction Circuits)
06. 3ème messs
07. l'étau familial (The Family Vice)
08. Heavy Motion, Light Thoughts (mouvement lourd, pensées légères)
09. Some Rescued Demons (quelques démons sauvés)
10. Temperance

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