Artist/ Band: Xcarnation
Title: Grounded
Label: Muse-Wrapped Records
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

On Xcarnationís Grounded, Turkish guitarist/vocalist Cenk Eroglu has created an intense modern rock debut, which has moments of prog and world musics. The music slants more towards the modern rock genre with similarities to Nine Inch Nails in the more aggressive parts and a slight Waters era Floyd in the more softer parts. Joining Cenk are some well known names in the rock and prog world such as, Kip Winger, Pat Mastelotto, Rod Morgenstein and Reb Beach, For the most part this is all Cenk, they just use their famous talents to flesh out his musical ideas. Vocally Cenk, has a very friendly presence. He fits in with the style of singers in the modern rock genre especially Trent Reznor. The only difference in Cenkís music and lyrics is itís not coming from an angry place all the time.

The opening track, ďPersonal Antichrist,Ē can very well be a radio and video hit. Each track adds a flavor not found in modern rock today. While itís not really experimental in a progressive way, it does have the qualities of prog that is much needed to give the music of today a nice jolt in the creative process. One of my favorites of the album is Everlasting. Itís a wonderful, memorable song that has very emotional vocals that to me come from the heart.

Once in a great while it's a pleasure to hear a modern rock album that while possesing a accessible sound has the creative flow missing from today's bands. This is a very recommended album for both prog and rock fans. It might bridge a gap between the two genres for those on either camps to enjoy. I hope there's more to come from Xcarnation!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 13th, 2005


1. Personal Antichrist
2. Everlasting
3. Without You
4. Desperately Sad
5. Reason To Believe
6. Lucky Day
7. Take A Deep Breath
8. Coma White
9. Willing To Wait
10. Pictures

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