Artist/ Band: When Day Descends
Title: When Day Descends
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

When Day Descends is an atmospheric progressive/post metal band from Tasmania, Australia, which began in 2001as a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Dave Caswell. The first album was released in 2005 entitled Transcend. The second was released in 2006 entitled Ascend which was a single 40 minute track that feels like a soundtrack to a non existing movie. You can download it on the band’s website Both of these albums are available for download only and I feel are important documents in the development of the music. Up until now, When Day Descends was just a solo project written and performed by Dave Caswell. Joining Dave (guitar, bass) on the new self titled album is Linton Tuleja (drums) and Liam Constable (guitars, vocals).

When Day Descends has evolved over the years and in 2010 they released an album of “epicness” tracks with some vocals. Just imagine instrumental power of Opeth but with clean vocals and you have the foundation of this self titled album. On this album, there are 5 tracks ranging from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Each track take you on a journey to dark places of humankind.

While there are 5 individual tracks, “New Bell” (11:15), “A Fragile Disguise” (11:36), “Where Trees Die Alone” (12:08), “White Feathers” (10:05) and “Comrade” (10:13), you’ll notice that the music flows endlessly from track to track, giving it an almost soundtrack feel. The 5 tracks are accessible as standalone songs but best when heard as the full album. You should set aside 55 minutes to full appreciate the beauty of the music.

Dave Caswell has come a long way as a musician and his crowning achievement is this self titled album. Credit should also go to Linton and Liam too. This is a full unit with each member doing his part in the greater whole. This is by far of my favorite surprise releases of 2010. It came out of nowhere and deserves a wider audience. As previously stated, if you enjoy the furious beauty of music from Opeth but with clean vocals then look no further than When Day Descends. I think this is going to be a band spoken about across the internet. I’m very glad to be one of the firsts to get to hear this masterpiece. This without any doubt gets a high recommendation!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 31st, 2011


01. New Bell (11:15)
02. A Fragile Disguise (11:36)
03. Where Trees Die Alone (12:08)
04. White Feather (10:05)
05. Comrade (10:13)

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