Artist/ Band: Vultress
Title: Distance
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Vultress is an up and coming young band from Valparaiso, Indiana featuring vocalist/keybordist, Anthony Capuano, on lead guitar and backing vocals, Jordan Gaboian, bass,Alex (Chucho) Barrios, and Paul Uhrina on drums."Distance",their first EP, shows that Progressive Rock is alive & well in Northwest Indiana, while albeit the production isn't major label quality, the songcraft is very mature, I hear alot of potential in this group.

The first track"Returned To Earth" sets the stage with a sound reminescent of Coheed & Cambria, to the last cut "The Siren Screams" continuing in the same vien with some Rush & Orphaned Land thrown in the mix, In between the two are the songs "The Path" a familiar sounding rocker in a Dream Theater-Fates Warning mold and "Reinvocation" a bossa nova tinged foray recalling the operatic rock of Queen infused with a contemporary prog metal flavouring

The musicianship is very proficient, above average I would say. I especially enjoyed the guitar prowess of Jordan, the dude can shred like a pro. Anthony is no slouch on the keyboards and the rythm section adequately keeps it all together.

I've listened to this cd quite a bit lately and it's hook filled enough to be memorable. I look forward to a full length album soon.Thank you Vultress!

Reviewed by Chris Erbeck on January 6th, 2012


01. Returned to Earth (9:23)
02. The Path (5:52)
03. Reinvocation (9:29)
04. The Siren Screams (7:55)

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