Artist/ Band: Voyager Project
Title: Where Angels Fear To Tread
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Staffordshire, UK's quintet Voyager Project's ten track début Where Angels Fear to Tread lives up to the description "melodic hard rock with progressive leanings".

Those progressive leanings are due to hard to place influences (at least for this listener) but that does not take away from the listening experience which starts with "Staring at the Ark" and ends with "Free to Love"; strong bookends with interesting lyrics (thanks to Ed Cooke) and competent percussion (provided by Eva Cliffe).

If listeners are looking for something by which to tick off boxes ("must sound exactly like Band A, B, or Z") then you may feel dissatisfied at Voyager Project's offering. For those looking for easy labels, there are none to be found. Where Angels Fear to Tread isn't the album-oriented rock you're looking for, perhaps. But the songs don't leave a bad taste in the ears, either.

Reviewed by Vivian Lee on December 11th, 2010


01. Staring At The Ark
02. Suburban Rain
03. Faces In The Crowd
04. Back To The Garden
05. Ardbeg 17
06. Fire ANd Forget Me
07. Joanna
08. The Choice Is Yours
09. Dependence Days
10. Free To Love

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