Artist/ Band: Voivod
Title: D-V-O-D-1 (DVD)
Label: MVD
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

When I heard about a Voivod dvd, I was very excited since they’re been a favorite of mine since their Dimension Hatross album. This DVD, D-V-O-D-1 documents the bands "original lineup" from 1983-1991. Included on the dvd are all their videos until 1991, some rare raw live performances as well as some stellar studio performances. A majority of the live material was filmed at Montréal's Spectrum in 1988 & 1988.

Voivod was one of the first metal bands to utilize progressive elements and they pulled off everything in the studio in a live setting. This dvd is a must have for fans of Voivod as well as the more technical side of metal music. With the recent death of guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour, watching his performances are both fantastic for those that seen them live and for those of us that never did.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 21st, 2006


1. VOIVOD (1984)
2. Ripping Headaches (1986)
3. Ravenous Medicine (1987)
4. Tribal Convictions (1988)
5. Psychic Vacuum (1988)
6. Astronomy Domine (1989)

Montreal Spectrum 10/20/86
- Blower
Montreal Spectrum 8/20/88
- Tribal Convictions
- Ravenous Medicine
Montreal Musiqueplus 1989
- The Unknown Knows
- Inner Combustion/Missing Sequences/Nothing Face
Montreal Backstreet 5/24/91
- Inner Combustion
- Freedoom.

- Video Shoot Ravenous Medicine 24-03-87
- Video Shoot Psychic Vacuum 25-09-88
- Recording Nothing Face Victor Studios 14-05-89

- Artwork
- Photos

Iron Gang Demos
- Morgoth Invasion December 1984
- Montreal Spectrum September 1987

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