Artist/ Band: Vecteur K
Title: La peur du désert
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Hailing from Montréal, Vecteur K is a brand new band that is rooted in the melodic side of progressive rock. The band consists of Marc-André Noël (lead vocals and guitarist ), Marc-Antoine Sauvé ( lead guitar), Jean-François Bernard (keyboards), Benoît Dalpé (bass) and Éric Cournoyer (drums). The band has been around since 2003 and having to perfect their craft By 2008, the line-up was completed. The band began recording songs for a debut album.

The result was La Peur du désert (Fear of the desert), which was released on the Unicorn Digital label in May 2009. The themes on this album reflect mankind’s need to keep his life filled. All the songs are sung in French, but I feel if they were forced to sing in English, it would ruin the music.

Despite not understanding the lyrics, I found this album to be very enjoyable. I think those that understand and those like myself that don’t, doesn’t take away from the whole album. While not having a favorite song, I feel each song has something special about it.

They are perfectly suited to be amongst great albums on the Unicorn Digital. I also feel that their music will evolve and taking themselves off the side of life, into the sights of more fans of the genre. There are moments you hear echoes of several Canadian bands like Rush, Direction, Pollen or many bands on the Unicorn Digital roster, while retaining a sound of their own..

I would highly recommend this to fans of melodic progressive rock that has some muscle carefully crafted around it. Hopefully Vecteur K will be on more people’s radar soon. The general progressive rock population doesn’t realize what a gem this band and debut album, is.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 23rd, 2010


01. Tamboa
02. À l'abri des images
03. Mes armes de verre
04. 16 X 42
05. Mieux qu'avant
06. Abscisses
07. Instable
08. Vendetta
09. Le pouls de ma colère
10. La dame dans l'escalier
11. Vecteur K

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