Artist/ Band: Various Artists
Title: Strength
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

"STRENGTH"is a compilation of songs put together in a three cd set by musicians worldwide,to raise awareness and needed funds to aid those souls who's lives were forever changed by the devestating earthquake & tsunami that struck northeastern Japan in March of 2011.All proceeds from this effort go directly to"Music For Relief",As the New Year begins I'm mindful of how soon it seems we forget these tragedies and move along,content in our lives.I read a news article this past week about how the debris from the stricken area is starting to wash up on the shores of the Pacific Northwest.pieces of homes,clothing.The flotsam of lives lost,the jetsam of hearts broken.

Disc1: Standout tracks for me begin with Pat Spitaels's atmospheric instrumental"Fuji Jama"setting the tone,it's Japanese themed melody,encapsulating the days events,a hint of sorrow.Stevin McNamara's contribution"Lalita"is a relaxed acoustic groove,very soothing.Echoes of the past come forth on the Moody Blues-ish"Hypnotized"by John Orr Franklin.And Laura Casale with her gentle"Peace Be Still".This is a special song to me as she had personally given my family & I permission to share this lovely song with loved ones after the passing on of my Mother-In-Law in 2010.

A heavier rock sound is to be found on Disc2,Sour Oranges smokey funky jazzy psychedelic blues jam"Enigma"starts this one out with a melancholy groove.Al Stone's countrified rocker"The Captain"truly evokes the best of the 70's.Australian Progressive Rock wizards Unitopia give us the lovely,emotion filled"The Great Reward"really a"goosebump"tune to these ears.Mamoru Mark Hiriuchi,The bands Scarlett Hollow,& Lost Patrol break out a little Prog-Metal and AOR.Hasse Froberg and the Musical Companion's epic track"Above"is worth the price of admission itself.

Disc3 kicks off with the refreshing Alternative-Indie radio friendly rock of The Tins"The Greenroom"this is followed by a couple of lite-rock tracks leading up to the proggy gems"Lisa"by The New Earth Project and Credo's epic"Staring At The Sun"and closing with a pleasant Country Rock gospel tinged hymm,"These are Thy Hands"by Terri G.

From Adult Contemporary to Progressive Rock,even a bit of Southern California Country Rock thrown in the mix,there is really something for every ear to be found on this wonderful tribute.All of the musical contributions were certainly,gifts from the heart.My hope is that others find solace in this memorial and that any funds raised provide necessities to the people affected by this catastrophe.On a side note I would also like to point out that the cover art was done by well known & respected artist Ed Unitsky.

Reviewed by Chris Erbeck on February 19th, 2012


Disc One

01.Pat Spitaels-Fuji Jama,(Belgium)
02.Anielka-Let The Wind Blow,(Finland)
04.Paul Marklew_Love & Peace,(UK)
05.Stevin McNamara-Lalita,(USA)
06.John Orr Franklin-Hypnotized,(USA)
07.Madi Simmons-A Healing of the Nations,(USA)
08.Roy Kieth Patterson-Rain,(USA)
09.Saiichi Sugiyama-The Band Played On,(UK)
10.The Coustics-My Horizon,(UK)
11.Laura Casale-Peace Be Still,(USA)
12.The Refugees-Anges,(France)
13.David J.Fox aka angel Rising-Shaku,(USA)

Disc Two

01.Sour Orange-Enigma,(Japan)
02.Al Stone-The Captain,(USA)
03.Unitopia-The Great Reward,(Australia)
04.Scarlet Hollow-Sanctuary,(USA)
05.Lost Patrol-Burning Sky,(UK)
06.Mamoru Mark Horiuchi,(Japan)
07.David Gallegos-Antes Del Alba,(USA)
08.New Nobility-Asian Girl,(Australia)
09.Factory of Dreams-Back To Sleep,(Portugal)
10.Hasse Froberg & The Musical Companion-Above,(Sweden)
11.Djam Karet-Dream Portal,(USA)
12.MaterDea-An Elder Flute,(Italy)

Disc Three

01.The Tins-The Greenroom,(USA)
02.Winter Moods-My Neverland,(Malta)
03.J.Ross Parrelli-You Are Love,(USA)
04.Herd Of Instinct-Hex,(USA)
05.The New Earth Project-Lisa,(USA)
06.Credo-Staring At The Sun,(UK)
07.Broken Melody-Dark and Light,(Italy)
09.Terri G.These Are Thy Hands,(USA)

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