Artist/ Band: V/A – Italian Prog (RPI)
Title: Prog Exhibition 40 Anni Di Musica Immaginifica
Label: Aereostella
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Wow. Can I just say… wow. If you love Italian Prog like I do, you must get this seven CD/4 DVD Box Set. Even if you don’t love Italian Prog as much as I do, you have to get this box set! You will perhaps never need to buy another Italian Prog record again, seeing as almost all the major players are here and then some!

Represented here are Italian Prog giants PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, and members of Le Orme. There are second tier (but no less talented) progsters from the seventies like The Trip, Osanna with Balletto di Bronzo’s Gianni Leone, and Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti playing with members of Raccomandata Ricevuta di Retorno. Newer bands that challenge the aforementioned hierarchy like Abash, Sinestesia, and Periferia del Mondo. Plus you have prog luminaries such as King Crimson’s David Cross, Focus’ Thijs van Leer, Van der Graaf Generator’s David Jackson, and Ian Anderson guesting on sets by many of these artists. I mean, do you need more? (The answer is yes, but I digress…)

My opinion is the Italians took the Symphonic Prog genre ball and ran with it in the seventies. Heavily influenced by the more pastoral stylings of Genesis, Jethro Tull and King Crimson’s quieter moments, mixed with classical pastiches from Bach to Vivaldi, they often have a strong sense of melody and a real feel for dynamics. Seriously, I’m going to have to start making up superlatives to describe the way I feel about progressive rock from Italy.

Some random thoughts: There are two discs of PFM totaling over 90 minutes and of course, this is awesome. Sinestesia gave me an impression of a more aggressive Saga. Fabio Zuffanti’s projects never fail to impress, here it’s Maschera di Cera, who turn in an amazing performance. Older artists I had not heard before really impressed me too, like ELP/King Crimson influenced The Trip and the singer with the Phantom of the Opera mask (Luciano Regoli) from Raccomandata Ricevuta di Retorno. That boy sure can sing! And speaking of boys who can sing, Banco is always magical in a live setting.

This massive box set is expertly filmed and impeccably recorded. It features the best of Italian bands from yesterday and today. If you would like a sampler of Rock Progressivo Italiano seek no further. I warn you though, if you start on this journey to Italy, you may not be able to stop. Your music collection just might start growing a little faster. Recorded live on 5 and 6 November 2010 at Teatro Tendastrisce, Rome, Italy, I find only one problem with this entire concert. I wish I could’ve have been there.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on March 18th, 2012


CD1 – Sinestesia:
01. The Birth, The Death, Trance By The River (9:39)
02. Aquarium (12:45)

The Trip:
03. Atlantide (5:31)
04. Evoluzione (3:23)
05. Caronte (6:12)
06. Two Brothers (5:30)
07. Ode a J. Hendrix (4:26)
08. Medley: Ora X / Analisi (7:27)
09. Medley: Distruzione / Il vuoto (7:44)

CD2 – La Maschera Di Cera:
01. Fino all'Aurora (6:50)
02. Orpheus (4:25)
03. Agli uomini che sanno già volare (4:24)
04. Medley: La consunzione / Maschera di cera (7:23)

Aldo Tagliapietra, Tony Pagliuca, Tolo Marton (Le Orme) with David Cross:
05. Los Angeles (7:58)
06. La porta chiusa (7:43)
07. Amico di ieri (3:48)
08. Alpine Valley (4:00)
09. Sospesi nell'incredibile (4:21)
10. Felona (2:12)
11. All'infuori del tempo (3:20)
12. Exiles (6:59)
13. Medley: Gioco di bimba / Sgardo verso il cielo (4:49)

DVD1 - Contains video versions of CD1 and CD2

CD3 - Premiata Forneria Marconi with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
01. La luna nuova (7:51)
02. Il banchetto (5:01)
03. Harlequin (7:40)
04. La terra dell'acqua (8:28)
05. Intro Bach (1:30)
06. Bourée (4:22)
07. My God (8:58)

CD4 - Premiata Forneria Marconi with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
01. Out Of The Roundabout (9:47)
02. Maestro della voce / Luglio, agosto, settembre nero (8:32)
03. Cyber alpha 3.1 (5:03)
04. Impressioni di settembre (5:29)
05. La carrozza di Hans (6:56)
06. É festa (3:57)
07. Se le brescion (2:27)
8. La tentazione (2:00)

DVD2 - Contains video versions of CD3 and CD4

CD5 - Periferia Del Mondo:
01. L'infedele (7:34)
02. Suite mediterranea (6:21)
03. The Ghost In The Shell (9:20)

Nuova Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno with Thijs Van Leer:
04. Il cambiamento (6:48)
05. Le anime (6:21)
06. Medley: Suspiria / Profondo Rosso (1:36)
07. L'uomo nuovo (7:36)
08. Thijs Intro (3:32)
09. House of The King (3:42)
10. Palco di marionette (11:42)

CD6 – Abash:
01. Medley: Otranto 14 agosto 1480 / Oltre / Al di là del mare / Verso sud / Poesia D'Amore (6:39)
02. Madri (6:31)
03. Spine e malelingue (4:39)
04. Madri (Reprise) (1:26)
05. La taranta (3:47)

Osanna feat. Gianni Leone with David Jackson:
06. Medley 'O culore 'e Napule: Pazzariello / Fuje 'a chistu paese / Intro animale / Mirror Train (12:44)
07. L'uomo (5:18)
08. Medley Formentera: Oro caldo / My Mind Files / L'amore Vincerà di nuovo (6:16)
09. Ce vulesse ce vulesse (6:08)
10. Introduzione (2:23)
11. Everybody's Gonna See You Die (8:13)
12. Theme One (4:17)
13. Fuje 'a chistu paese (4:31)

DVD3 - Contains video versions of CD5 and CD6

CD7 and DVD4 - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso?
01. Nudo (6:02)
02. R.I.P. (8:06)
03. Cento mani e cento occhi (6:48)
04. Metamorfosi (12:57)
05. Ragno (5:11)?6. Canto nomade per un prigioniero politico (6:08)
07. La conquista della posizione eretta (10:48)
08. Evoluzione (8:07)
09. Traccia II (3:18)

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