Artist/ Band: Universal Totem Orchestra
Title: The Magnus
Label: Black Widow
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Iíve heard of the band Universal Totem Orchestra prior to getting The Magus, which was released in 2008. So when the cd arrived in my mail box, I was intrigued to hear what the band was all about. I was pleasantly surprised with what I initially heard. From my limited knowledge of the most complex style progressive rock bands, I feel a resemblance to Presentís 1998 release, Certitudes but with horns and female voices added on. I listened more to The Magnus and it kept pulling me inward to embrace their form of progressive rock. Another somewhat similar band to compare UTO to, from memory of Progfest Ď95, is Deus ex Machina.

Epic is a word I have to use to describe the music on The Magnus. Right off the back, they start off with an almost 20 minute song ďDe AstrologiaĒ which has a sort of earworm effect on me. The song rings on way after itís over. They continue to delight the senses throughout the rest of the album, which has several epics songs along with two songs under the 7+ minute mark.

After hearing the album, I felt compelled to listen again. I felt sort of bewitched with the music of Universal Totem Orchestra. If you enjoy sub-genres like Zeuhl, avant-garde or complex music, then look no further. I would even say the uninitiated open-minded music lovers would need to seek this album out. Highly recommended

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 30th, 2009


01. De Astrologia
02. Coerenza Delle Percentuali
03. Les Plantes Magique
04. Ato Piradime
05. Mors, Ultima Linea Rerum
06. Vento Madre

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