Artist/ Band: Upright
Title: Opinion
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Upright was originally founded in 1996 by Eric Martin ( bass) and Benoit Verdant ( then drums). They produced a demo and played several concerts in the Montreal area in the summer of 1996. They were in college and as the fall started, so did school and the members went in different directions.

About 7 years go by, 2003, then Eric Martin decides to re-form Upright with all new material and new band, since the former members arenít able to commit to the project. Eric gets in touch with Unicorn Records through a friend (and future label mate, Antoine Fafard of Spaced Out) Michel St-Pere of Unicorn Records, decided to release the bandís music upon hearing it. The music is a jazz fusion mix, more towards the jazz side. They have a modern twist to this style of music while not disturbing the vibe most of the 70's jazz fusion bands have recorded. They added a slight progressive edge to their music to broaden their audience.

They follow in the tradition of the Unicorn Records roster, Spaced Out and Talisma, to bring forth some very good grooving jazz music. Iím not too familiar with this style and so I canít make too many comparisons within the genre. But from what Iím heard, they have a energy that is an important component for me in listening to music. All the musicians keep their place in the songs, whereas they donít solo over another. Very complimentary and will get many listens I believe that Upright is the most solid of the Unicorn Records roster (of what I heard so far).

All instrumental, no real exploration like most jazz fusion bands do, but thereís a solid tight musicanship that to me is an important factor. This will satisfy most progressive music fanís especially the ones that enjoy the non-metallic sounds of today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 18th, 2004


1. Nouveau Depart
2. Opinion
3. Le Grand
4. Some food
5. Maverick
6. Progression
7. Stay Put
8. Z

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