Artist/ Band: Unmask
Title: Sophia Told Me
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Unmask is a brand new modern alternative sounding progressive rock band, hailing from Italy where they began in 2006. After years of demos and club dates they released their debut album in 2010, Sophia Told Me. For this album, the band consisted of Ignazio Iuppa (lead vocals, keyboards), Claudio Virgini & Alessandro Lopane (guitars), Daniele Scarpaleggia (bass) and Dario Santini (drums).

I was contacted by Ignazio and by October 2010 I had the CD in my hands. The music didn’t click with me right away but as months passed it finally hit. To add to their sound is an element of gothic rock. While not part of the retro or neo-prog bands, I feel Unmask has left their mark as an important part of the newer Italian progressive rock genre.

From the opening hard hitting track “Be Twin(S)” (5:48) to the closing track “All I Need (Reprise)” (9:37), they show that they can captivate the listener all the way through. To me this is as perfect of a hard rocking progressive album as they come in 2010. If you enjoy the more accessible side of progressive rock music, then I would highly recommend Unmask and it’s debut Sophia Told Me.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 31st, 2011


01. Be Twin(S)
02. Maybe Tomorrow
03. All I Need
04. Within My Soul
05. New World
06. Voice Of Hush
07. Sleepless Night
08. Walking
09. Forest Spirits
10. All I Need (Reprise)

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