Artist/ Band: Unified Past
Title: Observations
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

In 2011 a band called Unified Past released their 6th album since 1993. It was recorded as a duo of Stephen Speelman (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Victor Tassone (drums) and Guest musician Vinny Krivacsy (keyboards). Since the album released, they became a trio with Dave Mickelson (bass) joining the band. They’re currently seeking a keyboardist. I’m sure that will free up Stephen to concentrate on guitar and vocals.

Their brand of progressive rock is a mixture of symphonic rock, heavy prog as well as some minimal AOR moments. There are two bands that I’m reminded of Cryptic Vision and Salem Hill each time I listen to Observations. I feel that Unified Past while similar to those bands, has their own unique sound. I would even add 80s & 90s editions of Kansas to the influences I hear.

From the heavy hitting opening “I’m Not Answering” to keyboard/guitar heavy “Here They Come” (the latter is similar to UK - Danger Money album in the instrumentation) the listener is treated to a solid album with no filler.

Other than “I’m Not Answering”, personal highlights are “Faithless” which is the longest track on the album as well as the more accessible “The Move”. I will implore the listener to listen all the way through the album with no distractions to fully appreciate it’s beauty.

In closing, I highly recommend Observations to any fan of melodic prog/rock as well as the aforementioned bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 28, 2012

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01. I'm Not Answering
02. Mr. Extravagant
03. Insulated
04. Crushed
05. Exploratory Observations
06. Painful Observations
07. The Move
08. Mesmerized
09. Faithless
10. Remember When
11. Here They Come

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