Artist/ Band: U.I. Blue
Title: Songbird's Cry
Label: Monsieur Boss Productions
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

U.I. Blue is basically two main people Jon Paul Davis (who writes the music and most lyrics) and Laura Lindstrom (who sings). The songs are mainly sung by Laura but Jon provides a counter balance to her with some French vocals. Oh and they are also married to each other. After several listens of their debut, Songbirdís Cry, I found it to be quite beautiful and romantic hybrid of folk, pop and progressive music.

Joining Jon and Laura are fellow citizens of Tennessee, Glass Hammerís Steve Babb and Fred Schendel. Fred played keyboards, Mellotron, guitars, elbow, bass, drums and percussion. Steve also played keyboards and other effects. Other guest artists sang backing vocals and played bass, and some to play violin, viola & cello which adds that romantic texture to the music.

I must admit thereís not a bad song on the album and very hard to pick a favorite but the two that stand-out to me the most are Mad Keys and Songbirdís Cry, part 2. These two songs, in my opinion, can be called the signature UI Blue sound. Now I know some noticed that the two main people in Glass Hammer are involved. Well depending on your point of view, they are in no way involved in the writing and lyric process. Theyíre just on board to help flesh out the visions of Jon and Laura. And thatís a good thing in my book!

This is one of the rare bands that Iíve come across that I canít recommend enough. It has something for everyone into symphonic progressive rock as well as modern folk music. Itís really the perfect album for the progger and non proggers alike. I canít wait for more from UI Blue!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 9th, 2005


01. The Songbird's Cry, part 1
02. I Can't Help Myself
03. When You Call
04. Unbroken
05. Thoughts In An Hourgalss
06. White City
07. I Waited
08. Dis-Moi
09. Monologue
10. No One
11. Tomorrow
12. Roses Artificially Mad
13. My Dove
14. Mad Keys
15. The Songbird's Cry, part 2

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