Artist/ Band: The Sunny Era
Title: Connection Lost
Label: Dobra Silenus Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

The Sunny Era is a brand new band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that reminds me a band that has two sides to their music on their debut, ‘Connection Lost‘. One side caters to straight forward sounding alternative based rock. The other side, the final three songs to be exact, show a band that takes on some progressive rock much in the way Radiohead. The first 11 songs to me are good mind you but there’s really nothing that grabs my attention. But the last three are the songs that captivate me. Those songs are 'Pictures of Your Older Life', 'The Casual Fix and the Shaped Wrong' and the Beatlesque, 'It Was Nice Meeting You'. The first two songs remind me of how Radiohead approaches songwriting.

So you see there’s a dilemma here, a band that can go either way. The road to making hits can be quite alluring to a new band. Or the band that can thrive on artistic maybe not as lucrative but art never really is. You can hear for yourself over at their Myspace page with songs like ‘Connection Lost’, ‘Nightfall’ and ‘The Briefcase’ these songs contain the more ‘mainstream’ feel if you will. I would be interested in hearing what comes next with The Sunny Era. I would recommend taking a risk on this band.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 4th, 2006


1. Connection Lost
2. Saturn Blue Smoke
3. Marked By Expectation
4. Hope Beyond
5. The Briefcase
6. Night/Fall
7. One Hour to Go
8. Heart of Chrome
9. Greetings, Dialogue One
10. Rules of the Game
11. Secrets Bought and Sold
12. Pictures of Your Older Life
13. The Casual Fix and the Shaped Wrong
14. It Was Nice Meeting You

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