Artist/ Band: Trigon
Title: 2011
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

“2011" is the latest CD from the German ‘Zen-like chill-out” music, which is actually more a cool, often fast, and intricate jazz-rock fusion with lots of various influences. I am thrilled to say it is the first band to remind me of the sadly overlooked jazz fusion band Scope, that was also from Germany/Holland and put out only two albums ( never seen CD versions to this day) back in the bristling 70's progressive music scene. In other words, Trigon is a super tight hot and totally fine 3 piece jazz fusion band. The one big difference between Trigon and Scope is Trigon uses no keyboards. For fans of the jazz fusion of 70's, other comparisons would be some of the more uncommercial Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth, and Italian bands like Il Baricentro, Arti & Mestieri, and some Bruford ( Bill’s jazz fusion band) influences here and there. Rainer Lange has some Holdsworth skills on guitar, and the new drummer Rudi Metzler is what the Lange brothers always dreamed of having for their band ( their words ).

This CD is actually a retrospective of their work plus some new titles as well. It all sounds cohesive so if you didn’t know their past work, you’d just swear it was a all new release. For the collector, this is a limited edition ( only 1,000 copies) CD made with black polycarbonate. Cool visual CD play side. Let’s hope this is not a sign of a last album. It seems they have just now found the perfect combination so I for one, want more CD’s to follow!

I found myself getting into the deep focus music mood immediately when I listened to this recording. I’ve always liked the jazz rock scene from all countries, and have been blessed to own tons of it. Trigon are a new addition to my collection and sit nicely among my German jazz fusion bands. All the songs are consistent on “2011" so trying to mention stand outs is tough. I personally like some of the magical touches and creative drumming on ‘Tanzen’ (song 6), It also has some of the odd mixing for the headphones that Trigon mention in their press release. It’s something I rarely if ever hear done anymore. A play with left and right speaker mixing.

I am sure fans of the more modern hot jazz fusion will go for this as well, as the whole atmosphere leans towards the electric cooking music of the best of instrumental Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani (except not as commercial) along with the other bands I mentioned earlier. You have 13 songs to enjoy with not a dull moment or bad cut in the lot. Excellent CD!!!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on August 20th, 2011


01. Peitscht das kamel
02. Roter Mond
03. Spacechick strikes back
04. Tueckischer Tonterror
05. Wunder
06. Tanzen
07. Zensation
08. Raff an Doerte
09. Herz der Sonne
10. Dekadenz und Korruption
11. Fata Morgana
12. Trommeltraum
13. Kamasutra Debakel

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