Artist/ Band: Trial X
Title: Trial X
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Fine release from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina’s jazz fusion unit Trial X. This clean tight and spunky 70's rooted jazz rock band will make any fan of the better fusion bands from the world of Holdsworth (especially Metal Fatigue), Alan Pasqua, Aristocrats, Scope, and lots of influences from Hendrix, Frank Marino, Jeff Berlin, just to name a few.

I miss the days of this atmospheric and imaginative progressive jazz. It’s hard to describe exactly the characteristics at times, but there is always a fluid and forward motion in the music, not without those places where they slow down to explore a specific space. The music is not forced and you can hear every single note by the far above average players here that are Alejandro Rod on guitar, Matias Lucietti playing bass and German Heffner performing on drums. There is an ease of play between the trio plus many times for each of them to show their skills. I love the way each artist has a balanced mix of both jazz and classic rock in their playing. The drummer even throws in some double bass not too far from the better jazz rock of Dixie Dregs (Rod Morgenstein). By tune 4 (‘So What’) they are doing a funky version of a Miles Davis composition. You can hear a John Scofield tune (track 5 ‘Four on the Floor’) as well, who is another obvious influence. With all the comparisons, it must be said that Trial X is no copycat band. They simply have influences like all musicians, and compose well thought out, interesting and full of life songs. Two of the cuts are live (last two) but the sound quality is exactly as nice as all the studio recordings. In fact, the live ones are even more energetic and kick butt in places. Everyone is “on” that night (taken from “The Dardo Rocha Passage” at Cycle of Jazz festival). Unlike some recordings that throw a live cut or two at the end as bonus tracks, this one has proudly included two of their best performances for us to enjoy. I found the whole CD to be well worth owning and listening to many times and there is much to love about this band.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on July 2nd, 2013


01. Fun Kelly (6:12)
02. Nuestro Encuentro (5:49)
03. Tren Viaje (6:09)
04. So What (5:42)
05. Four on the Floor (5:27)
06. Terminadito a tempera (6:06)
07. Fuxxxion (5:54)

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