Artist/ Band: Travis & Fripp
Title: Live At Coventry Cathedral
Label: Inner Knot
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

King Crimsonís Robert Fripp and Soft Machineís Theo Travis collaboration has produced the album Threads and this live representation from the Coventry Cathedral. I believe it is appropriate for this concert to be in a church, as the music is regal, spiritual and divine. The acoustics of the venue and the sound produced by just the two of these incredible artists far surpasses what you could believe can come out of just two. At times it seems that there must be others joining in as the sounds are looping back and forth and music of the most mesmerizing sort is taking you away to the point almost on the edge of slumber. That magical world where you feel a heavy head and a buzzing that beckons you to dreamland.

The album features an ambient, ethereal quality about it. It is quiet and moody for most of its duration. We donít even hear anything approaching an electric guitar sound until over 20 minutes into the CD. Travisí flute and saxophone takes on qualities that you would not expect as well. It is two musicians playing together like theyíve been improving off one another for years.

Itís not very dynamic, not a lot of rises and falls; but it is tense, mood altering and trance-inducing. Itís production is absolutely gorgeous, rich and clean. Sometimes the angular side of Frippís personality comes to the fore and it takes on a captivating horror movie soundtrack turn. It keeps you engaged while causing you to think or zone, whatever your wish for the day is. Itís perfect daydreaming music.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on June 30th, 2011


First Set:

01. The Apparent Chaos of Stone (9:11)
02. In A Field Of Green (8:10)
03. The Unquestioned Answer (5:29)
04. Blue Calm (3:30)
05. Duet For The End Of Time (11:11)

Second Set:

06. The Offering (9:11)
07. Angels In The Roof (3:52)
08. Moonchild (3:58)
09. Lamentation (19:00)

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