Artist/ Band: Toxic Smile
Title: I'm Your Saviour
Label: Progressive Promotion Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Toxic Smile began as 'an alternative project for bored students of music' in 1996. The current lineup has changed since then and now consists of Marek Arnold (keyboards), Robert Eisfeldt (drums), Uwe Reinholz (guitars), Robert Brenner (bass), and vocalist Larry B. The result has the Leipzig-born band now becoming a powerful progressive metal band.

The third studio album from the band, I’m Your Saviour, is slightly less than cohesive; yet it is a sweet musical kaiserschmarren that contains elements from all over the place - progressive rock such like Sherinian-era Dream Theater (the nine minute opener 'Liquid Wall'); Spock's Beard ('Endless Cycle'); quiet jazz ('Poles Apart') and little bits of classical and pop, too.

There are many attributes aside from those elements; Larry B's soaring vocals, Eisfeldt's drumming is more than timekeeping, Marek Arnold’s keyboard work is fun to listen to as is Uwe Reinholz and Robert Brenner's string section. As long as I have listened to the album repeatedly it is still difficult to say how I feel about it aside from as a fan of aforementioned bands and music genres I still want to listen to I'm Your Saviour.

In conclusion, I'm Your Saviour is evidence that Toxic Smile is gaining steam. Hopefully they’ll be on the radar for the progressive minded fan soon.

Reviewed by Vivian Lee on March 5th, 2011


01. Liquid Wall
02 The Change
03 The Abyss
04 Hidden Brand
05 Walked by Fear
06 Endless Cycle
07 Pride and Joy
08 Poles Apart

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