Artist/ Band: Tolerance
Title: When Time Stops
Label: Musea
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

The roots of Tolerance can be traced back to 2003 when Venezuelan vocalist Ricardo Figueroa and drummer Rodrigo Nunez formed a longstanding partnership and desire to put their stamp on the prog/metal genre. It took the pair a full decade of perseverance and personnel changes to bring their vision to fruition, but the end result is “When Time Stops”, an impressive 2013 debut album that could elevate them from obscurity to the pantheon of prog/metal luminaries like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Planet X, Angra, Threshold, Opeth, Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery, Royal Hunt, Enchant, and Rhapsody.

The line-up on “When Time Stops” includes: Ricardo Figueroa (Vocals), Carlos Cabrices (Guitars), Rodrigo Nuñez (Drums), and Antonio Ramirez (Keyboards), plus additional musicians Henry Paul (Bass – tracks 2,4,5), Enrique Perez ( Bass – tracks 1,3,7), Pepe Perez Rivero (Bass – tracks 6,8), Valter Izzo (Violin – tacks 1,8), and Mariangela Travieso (Cello – track 1).

Apparently that ten year span to hone and refine their craft has paid off in spades. “When Time Stops” is a melodic masterpiece of metal mayhem.

Figueroa and Nunez struck gold when they finally settled on a guitarist and keyboardist for Tolerance. The skill-set of Carlos Cabrices and Antonio Ramirez is nothing short of amazing as the virtuoso pair trade off energetic dueling light-speed arpeggios throughout the album. Cabrices and Ramirez are Venezuela's answer to Dream Theater's John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess. And comparisons to Dream Theater does not end there – Ricardo Figueroa's vocal style is quite similar to James LaBrie. He has the range, passion, and power to front a high energy band like Tolerance. And the rhythm section powered by drummer Rodrigo Nuñez propels the music along like a speeding locomotive regardless of who's turn it is on the bass. The guy is a great technical drummer.

The music is a blend of heavy metal, arena rock, a bit of funk, classical music, and progressive rock. While the lyrics cover the spectrum from science and politics to environmental issues. For once – this is not a concept album.

If your musical preference is progressive metal, and any of the above mentioned bands are auto-purchases – than this is an absolute 'must have'.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on November 3rd, 2013


01. Lutin
02. When Time Stops
03. Different Skies
04. Drifted
05. Blind Spot
06. Meeting The Path
07. Beware Of The Birds
08. The Greatest Plan

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