Artist/ Band: Tohpati - Ethnomission
Title: Save The Planet
Label: MoonJune Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Here's a great dose of Indonesian fusion music. Tohpati, who is the guitarist for another Indonesian fusion band called simakDIALOG, has made his own recording along with 4 other musicians under the name Ethnomission. With their CD "Save the Planet", they make an extremely tight carnival ride of exotic world, Canterbury jazz style, native, and high energy jazz-rock with nods to both Holdsworth and Metheny fusion. The first song alone incorporates all this and more. Right off the bat, I just want to say this is a butt kicker of a fusion release . Song 2 contains yet another huge array of styles all moving seamlessly together as one. There are some very hot tunes that spin on a dime and would make any Bruford (Feels Good to Me and One of a Kind era) happy as a lark. Take a listen to Song 4 called Ethno Funk for that power feast. It will make you smile with glee. The music just never quits exploring and pulling you along (and you WILL want to follow, trust me).

With each song a new set of paths are created. There are plenty of great drums and varied percussion all around too. Tohpati shows the world he can do anything on this exceptional disc. I read he is the most famous guitarist in Indonesia. His name may well be common to all jazz fusion fans after this. He gets a place in my book as a new guitar master (he plays electric guitar and midi synth guitar on this CD). All the other musicians here are superb as well. They are Indro Hordjodikoro-bass, Endang Ramdan-Indonesian percussion, Nemas Narawangsa-drums and Indonesian percussion, Niki Suwarjiki-Sundanese flute and soundscapes, and Lestari-voice on 'Bedhaya Ketawang'. He is using a couple of his fellow musicians here from simakDIALOG. I am already looking forward to Tohpati-Ethnomission's next release. Jazz fusion fans, this is a must buy!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on August 31st, 2010


01. Selamatkan Bumi (Save The Planet)(9:07)
02. Bedhaya Ketawang (Sacred Dance)(8:31)
03. Drama (1:47)
04. Ethno Funk (8:38)
05. Gegunungan (Gateway Of Life)(2:56)
06. Hutan Hujan (Rain Forest)(8:42)
07. Biarkan Burung Bernyanyi (Let The Birds Sing)(7:27)
08. Inspirasi Baru (New Inspiration)(4:13)
09. Perang Tanding (Battle Between Good & Beast)(8:16)
10. Pesta Rakyat (Festive People)(5:10)
11. Amarah (Anger)(2:34)

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