Artist: Tim Keyes
Title: Sketchbook
Produced by: Patrick Bamborak & Tim Keyes
Label/ Date: API Records/ 2003

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1. Big Intro a) voices b) stained glass c) broken [4:30]
2. Higher Ground [4:17]
3. Gain the World [5:20]
4. (If I Could) Paint the Rain [5:14]
5. Long Nights [5:01]
6. Missing You [5:34]
7. How Can It Be? [3:55]
8. Could This Be Love? [4:00]
9. Let It Go [3:17]
10. All I Can Give [4:49]

The Review:

Tim Keyes is the modern-day singer/songwriter with lots of imagination, in both lyrics & instrumentation, which combined with his gritty vocals gives the music on Sketchbook, a powerful collection for the modern age.

His music lingers somewhere between mainstream and art-rock worlds while never really staying in either genre. Without pigeon-holing, there is a strong metallic alternative influence in his music. The songs on Sketchbook tends to stay mostly on the softer side of the fence without being boring or derivative.

Musically speaking, you hear some hints of Rush and Saga. This will cater to those that like song based music especially fans of Man on Fire, Spock's Beard, Izz & Echolyn. An excellent release worth looking into! One of those unpolished gems of 2003.

~Ron for [July 15th, 2003]

Band Members:

Time Keyes - Keyboards, Vocals
Patrick Bamburak - Guitas, Bass, Backing Vocals
Cliff Ramsay - Drums
J. Thompson - Percussion, Extra Rhytmn noises
Lisa Nettleship - French Horn
Juliette Liddle Clark - Backing Vocals on track 8
Joe Keyes - Drums on tracks 8, 10

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