Artist/ Band: Tilt
Title: Million Dollar Wound
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

1. Who is the band? What is their history? What motivates them?

“The music on ‘Million Dollar Wound’ was written, arranged and produced by Steve Vantsis. This is his first project since writing and arranging music on ‘13th Star’, the highly acclaimed latest album from ex-Marillion frontman ‘Fish’. 'Tilt' consists of musicians that have collaborated with artists as diverse as KT Tunstall, Simple Minds and Porcupine Tree” (Source: Tilt’s MySpace, 2010).

2. Review:

No Superman – Grinding heavy guitar and bass. Bluesy, hard rock vocals set to Bad Company like rhythms and vibes. The lead singer even has allot of similarities to the sound of Paul Rodgers delivery and power as this power driver roars on. A good strong solid rocker to set a course towards stardom for this new group.

Long Gone – Kaela Rowan does a wonderful job on this, the best song on this EP. The lyrics are well presented in her mystical delivery. The acoustic and electric guitars support her well, as do the synths and soft patted drums. “If I could be with you. I would do it right now.” Beautiful, soft ballad.

Gravity – Dark synths open this song, before the ‘first light of dawn’ acoustic guitar blends into Holly Tomás soft delivery of vocals. Nice opening. Holly follows through with a very touching and beautiful delivery of the lyrics, “My hands have lost their reach. My voice in sorrow can soft speech. I feel small against the gravity as I fall.” A slow moving but passionate plea for strength amidst the gravity of life. “Well I would reinvent myself, if I could feel complete.” The acoustic, heavy electric and string arrangements all add to the mystery and the warm soundscape surrounding Holly as she weaves her tale. The drums help to set an even tempo behind all the drama filling the oceans of sound as they move like waves against the shore.

Answers – Cool synths and guitar fill the air before a grinding guitar roars onto the scene. The ‘epic’, and longest track on the EP at 7:35. The grinding electric later rolls into a buzzing before taking full control of the floor with the solid synths and rhythmic drums setting pace. Paul Dourley’s vocals are back. There is still a sound of Paul Rodgers there, but this is much more like Seagull than the BC rocker he started with. The better of the two songs for me.

Adore – Holly Tomás is back with cool synths and effects surrounding her beautiful voice again. The guitar beautifully silhouettes her as she sings, “You must know that I adored you. The statues they crumbled. I slowly unravel.” The drums help to keep the soft slow pace with Holly’s delivery of the story. Everyone loves to hear the words that they are adored, and Holly delivers them in such a sultry, sexy way. At 7:13, it is the second longest song on the album. The pace picks up and Dourley supports with vocal sounds on the chorus. Holly’s voice rises as the song reaches a triumphant climax.

Rating: 9/10 – Hard to give a five song EP a 10. But this is solid in every way. A very good start for a new band. I just wish there was more. There will be more of these EPs in the future, according to the band’s website and this version acts as both an introduction and a possible preview of what’s to come. I’m in.

Reviewed by Prof on July 30th, 2010


01. No Superman
02. Long Gone
03. Gravity
04. Answers
05. Adore

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