Artist/ Band: Theo Travis
Title: Double Talk
Label: Voiceprint
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

My exposure to the world of Theo Travis is very limited to what I’ve heard from him in The Tangent. Now with his solo album, Double Talk, I get to hear a little more of Theo’s work. Theo has been active with other bands like Gong, Porcupine Tree and more. Double Talk, combines elements from both work in the jazz and progressive rock genres. Joining him are Mike Outram (electric guitar.),Peter Whitakker (Hammond organ), Roy Dodds (drums, gongs) and special guest, Robert Fripp (guitar, soundscapes)

Highlights for me are “The Relegation Of Pluto” , which has a King Crimson circa 1970 vibe going on while sounding current. Another highlight for me is “And So It Seemed” , a really good bluesy number. The rest of the album varies and there’s also a rather unique take the Pink Floyd classic “See Emily Play”. Just imagine Theo jamming with them back in ’67.

As stated earlier this is my first exposure to the solo side of Theo Travis. I found the experience to be fulfilling each time I heard it. If you’re a fan of anything Theo has done, then is album is a must own. Also if you enjoy saxophone based music then you’ll definitely need to get this into your collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 1st, 2009


01. Ascending
02. Oblivionville
03. The Relegation Of Pluto
04. The Endless Search
05. Pallendream
06. See Emily Play
07. And So It Seemed
08. Portobello 67

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